Prime Integer Observatory 1.0

Prime Integer Observatory 1.0: Visualization of integer factorizations as a scrollable table This application illustrates the notion of an integer’s factors, and of the related property of integers called primeness, or primality. An integer is called prime if it is the product of only one distinct pair of integers. For example, 11 is prime because the only pair of integers whose product equals 11 is 1 and 11, as in 1*11 = 11 .

HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption 2.05.1: Encryption functions (public key/ secret key) and huge integer math functions
HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption 2.05.1

integer, Base64, decimal, hex, ascii binary. - Securely erasing disk files and free disk space. - Huge integer number mathematical, bit manipulation and boolean functions can serve as building blocks for implementing other public key encryption schemes or performing math calculations with arbitrary precision. - Number theory applications. - A huge integer number in HIME can be hundreds of millions of digits long; 2^31 (2147483648) bits long. MILLIONS

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numberator 2.5.1: Translate integers and currencies into words; supports 19 languages, 95 countrie
numberator 2.5.1

integers and currencies into words; supports 20 languages, 95 countries. To convert an integer you choose the language you want the final result in, enter the integer and click Translate. It will provide you with the translated version of the integer you selected. It`s really that easy. For the currency, you simply select the Country, thousand seperator and decimal separator (loaded by default) and click on translate. Languages: Catalan, Chinese,

numbert to text, translate currency into words, numbers to words, numbers translation, numberator

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Strings edit 2.4

A library of routines designed to support consequent input (parsing) and output (formatting) of various numeric types: among them integer, floating-point, Roman, UTF-8 encoded sub-/superscript integers. Output can be aligned. Numeric get procedures support value range checks. Number bases can be from binary to hexadecimal for both input and output. Floating-point output supports both absolute and relative precision specification.

wildcards, hexadecimal, formatting, edit, case mapping, utf 8, unicode, ucs 2, base, subscript, binary, superscript, strings

BitByte Calculator 1.00: The Digitas - freeware 32 bit binary, hex and decimal calculator.
BitByte Calculator 1.00

Integer Division Divides 2 integer numbers The result is truncated to an integer value. ie. 6\2 is 6 divided by 2 Addition + Subtraction - Conjunction AND Compare corresponding bits in 2 operands and sets the corresponding bit in the result to 1 if both bits are 1. ie. 5 AND 3 5 AND 3 = 1 since their first bits are set Disjunction (inclusive "or") OR Compares corresponding bits in 2 operands and sets bit to 1 if either one has a corresponding bit

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NumberInput ActiveX 2.0: Improves the input of integer values within certain limits, that can be adjusted
NumberInput ActiveX 2.0

The control element allows the comfortable input of (long) integer values, whereby incorrect inputs by the user become impossible. It is freely adjustable in its size. The size of the represented control sub elements and the size of the displayed numbers adapt automatically. The input of the number can be made directly in the text field or indirectly by the two buttons.

input, number, activex, numberinput, edit, integer, button, mask

Random Number Generation 1.0: Random Number Generation Tool generates thousands random numbers in seconds.
Random Number Generation 1.0

Random Number Generation Tool is a Windows based application designed to generate quickly generate thousands random numbers in seconds. Random Number Generator Program allow users to add the prefix and suffix with all the numbers generated. So the generated random numbers can be positive or negative. Random Number Generation Tool can print all random numbers or save numbers as file. Random Number Generator will generate to 5000 numbers at a time

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